Improvement of the juvenile justice system and coming close to the international standards is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The main focus is made on juvenile crime prevention, introduction and wide application of the alternative mechanisms.

Diversion and mediation program is an alternative mechanism to criminal prosecution. The aim of the program is to release a juvenile who committed less grave crime first time from criminal liability.

New program allows prosecutor to divert a juvenile from criminal justice system and from criminal records, at the same time avoid recidivism and assist juvenile to become law-abiding person.

Diversion and mediation program is based on the discretionary principle of criminal prosecution which allows prosecutor not to commence / drop criminal prosecution. However, no criminal prosecution does not mean “forgiving” a juvenile for law breaking and releasing him / her for all kinds of obligations – liability and rights and duties of a juvenile involved in diversion and mediation program are determined in special contract.

Aim of the program is to give one chance to a juvenile. We hope that majority of juveniles shall use this chance and shall make step forward towards successful and law obedient life.

STATISTICS Diverted 5194   /   Repeated Crime 9