Cooperate with the Programme

Diversion and Mediation program for juveniles was launched on November 15, 2010. Program gives one chance to juveniles, who have committed less grave crime first time.


Major purpose of the program is to return a full scale citizen to the society. For this very reason, rehabilitation and social reintegration of a juvenile is significantly important. In order to ensure proper rehabilitation of a juvenile, it is necessary to correctly define conditions and services for the diversion. In accordance with the bio-psycho-social drawn by a social worker, juvenile shall receive necessary services and shall be imposed to take obligation before a victim and / or before society.


Services are critical for the diverted juveniles. That should ensure their mental, physical and professional development. In addition, true interest of a juvenile, should be taken into consideration when delivering the services.


State and various non-governmental organizations shall assist juveniles in finding the services. However, having limited resources, it is extremely important that program supports each member of the society.


You could use various means to support the proper functioning of the program. It might be money donation or offering services through own business to meet the goals of the program. Your organization’s involvement in the program will help us while diversifying our relationship with children and ensure success of the program.  For example, planning community service activities and carrying out those, ensuring damage reimbursement following the new plan, etc.


In case you wish to cooperate with the program, contact


Let’s unify our efforts to return full scale citizen to the society!

STATISTICS Diverted 5194   /   Repeated Crime 9