The main goal of the Juvenile Diversion and Mediation program is to help the juvenile become an improved citizen of the society. That is why rehabilitation and the social integration of the juvenile is very important.  For this purpose social worker will then formulate a bio-psycho-social portrait of the juvenile and bearing in mind the juvenile's mental, physical and social conditions, will draw up civil contract according to which minor will be given the necessary services and bear the responsibilities of the victim and / or society.

Services are very important for juveniles’ mental, physical or professional development. At the same time
real interests of  juveniles are taken into account.

Those are the most frequently used services for diverted juveniles:

·        Education:

-        foreign languages ​​and computer courses

·         Sport:

-        Basketball, football, swimming

·         Psycho-social rehabilitation:

-        Individual/family psychological counseling; Training in volunteer work, leadership; Participating in   the    program, "My Senior Friend”;  Participating in the program “Diversion for carrying knife"

·        Services for professional development:

-        sewing, felt, wood carving, cooking courses



STATISTICS Diverted 4430   /   Repeated Crime 9